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Gamintojo aprašymas

Active Driver Plus are inverters used for the control of hydraulic pumps. Their obvious fields of application are domestic, industrial, and agricultural constant pressure pumping systems.

The OLED display offers an extremely simple and intuitive graphic interface. Displaying or changing any parameters is extremely simple, which in turn also simplifies maintenance.

Installation is also very easy: the installation wizard asks the user for the parameters required for the configuration.

Active Driver Plus inverters provide a reduction of electric consumption, thanks to the inverter technology, whilst at the same time ensuring maximum comfort thanks to the constant pressure.

They are extremely versatile, as they do not require external sensors and non-return valves. There is in-fact a built-in pressure sensor, a flow switch, and a non-return valve.

The advantages of Active Driver Plus are:

– comfort, thanks to the constant pressure,

– energy savings, thanks to the inverter technology.

– less noise,

– compact shape,

– all the built-in protections: dry run, overload, abnormal voltage, overtemperature, freezing.

Line voltage: 115V and 230V single-phase.

400V three-phase

Electric pump voltage: 115V and 230V single-phase, 230V and 400V three-phase

Power  supply frequency: 50 Hz – 60 Hz.

Installation: vertical and horizontal (M/M and M/T only)

Maximum liquid temperature: 50°C.

Max operating temperature: 60°C.

Max flow rate: 15m3/h.

Maximum working pressure: 13 bar.

Pressure regulation range: from 1 to 13 bar.

Suction diameter (DNA): 1 1/4” male.

Delivery diameter (DNM): 1 1/2” female.

Protection level: IP55.

Communication interface for sets: YES, an Active Driver Plus for each pump

Non-return valve not required


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